We know that customers have the convenience of choice
when choosing an out-sourcing company for their needs.

But what makes us better than everyone else?

Our maritime experience
- Our standard business working method
- Our oil business group, partners and co-operators
- Our approved suppliers
- Our quality commitment
- Our guaranteed value
- Our Port to Port Support
- Our confidentiality
Our flexibility
Our accuracy
Our international accessibility
- Our professionalism
- Our pricing policy

We are flexible, accurate, we have many years of experience in International Oil Business and we count on satisfied customers as they are our references and constitute our sales team.

Through and with our national and international network and partners, you can find business opportunities in anything related to energy.

Combining traditional person to person contact with the best, appropriate, modern technology and a constant monitoring of the quality of products and the standards of services provided, NAXIOS trading serves your needs in energy sector of all Marine Market.

As official suppliers, we are totally committed and responsible for the quality and quantity of the products that we are supplying and our philosophy is to serve our customers simply, with safety and accuracy, at the best market prices and under any profitable conditions.

Whether you are a professional working within one of these spaces or looking to expand, we offer a unique set of reference in order to meet your needs.

The Chairman
Dear Customers,

We hereby kindly like to inform you that due to an unsubstantial, illegal and unofficial private blogspot that has been appeared in the internet under the address oilscammersbuyers.blogspot and which is mentioning that our Company is a fake buyer and not performer while the contact details that are mentioned in such blogspot are totally wrong, we answer on this DEFAME that this anonymous blogspot has nothing real to do with our Company and all that is mentioning are totally fake and with not any valid evidence.

Our Company has already inform INTERPOL and our Country's Authorities for this defame and we encourage our “potential” clients that are approaching us for business, better to make their due diligence through International Certified Companies in such business (like KROLL - ) instead to try to find our reputation under the cheap way of Google.

Buyers that cannot spend for real due diligence and are be informed by unauthorized and anonymous blogspots are not real buyers for us.

Further all, while this unsubstantial, illegal and unofficial private blogspot is mentioning that we are fraud buyers we kindly inform you that we were and we are all the time SELLERS and we only contractually and officially cooperate with serious and well known suppliers of International Oil Market as well as buyers.

We, NAXIOS TRADING LIMITED CYPRUS also inform you that we do not deal or cooperate with any company that pretend that is a dealer or co-operator of our Company through any internet website, or B2B web pages. For this and in any question, comment as well as fault or fraud communication from any company which pretends that represents or deal on our behalf that you may have, please contact us direct at

Our Company’s official website is and all our official emails have the extension

Final, we inform you that no one out of the Chairman of the Company - Mr. Konstantinos Fragkos - has the right to sign/stamp any document and to commit NAXIOS with his signature/stamp while only the original and official signature of Chairman and stamp of the Company is considered as true and valid.

In any question or clarification you can contact NAXIOS through email at

The managing team